What is Dev Protocol Treasury?

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What is Dev Protocol Treasury? permalink

The Dev Protocol Treasury is managed by the community to be used for the ecosystem.

It was initiated by community proposal and vote.

A 5% fee for Property tokens(Total Supply:10M) upon minting will be sent to Dev Protocol Treasury. Since Creator token holders receive the proportional amount of Creator rewards the Dev Protocol treasury will receive 5% of Creator rewards. The OSS token and DEV tokens received will be held in the Dev Protocol treasury which will eventually be governed by the community.

Usage of Dev Protocol Treasury permalink

    Dev Protocol Treasury will transform into an OSS ETF since it holds an underlying basket of tokenized OSS(property tokens). The DEV tokens’ value should form a linear relationship with the valuations of the Creator tokens held in the Dev Protocol treasury. The DEV token can provide exposure to the OSS market on Dev Protocol and solve fragmentation.

  • Meta-Governance & Utility
    Today, Github users tokenize their OSS projects to participate in receiving Dev Protocol’s inflationary funding. We expect soon that OSS projects will build governance and utility capabilities for their Creator token. Since Dev Protocol would have an underlying portfolio of creator tokens we could extend voting power and utility to DEV token holders. That allows OSS dependent projects or foundations to simply buy DEV tokens to have voting power in a basket of OSS projects.

  • Incentives for maintainers
    Open source software is the technological infrastructure of today’s world. OSS projects that are underdeveloped or funded can become a security risk to its dependents. The Dev Protocol community could bootstrap growth by starting commit farming or liquidity mining programs.

※These are just some examples and may vary depending on the development roadmap.

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