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INITTO FM has started since April 15.

What’s INITTO FM? permalink

In INITTO FM, we invite OSS developers joining as guest speakers, introduce them, and talk about OSS with them. The moderator for this program is Kawakami.

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We welcomed hhatto as our very first guest.
hhatto is developing autopep8, which is a well-known code format tool for Phython.


🕊 For the support of autopep8, please check the following website.

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How did hhatto know Dev Protocol? 14:19 permalink

I heard about Dev Protocol around three years ago when it has just started tokenizing projects of npm.

OSS registered at Stakes.Social 16:45 permalink

I register an OSS called autopep8 at Stakes.Social. This OSS is a code format tool for Phytho, and I’ve been developing it for 10 years. Now I’m doing my best to develop its Version 2.0. It would be a major update, and I’m sure you’ll like it. You can check the situation of 2.0 in this blog post.

What hhatto is expecting for Dev Protocol 26:52 permalink

I think only a few people know of Dev Protocol. It is a fantastic framework, so I hope more creators can get an idea of it. I’m looking forward to seeing the increasing number of registered projects as well as the expansion of support for Dev Protocol.

Messages for supporters 27:40 permalink

I really appreciate for your continuous support. Your support onwards will be an enormous help and I want to express my deepest gratitude for it. Meanwhile, I’d like you, my supporters, to oversee my activities. If there is a case where you think they aren’t worthy enough to provide any value, please feel free to change your staking to the other project. I think that’s more sensible and practical.

To be continued permalink

We’ll go on with the broadcast with guest speakers of OSS developers. There is more to come for INITTO FM.

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- Dev Protocol releases all codes as OSS in public. Your contributions are welcome.(Sometimes there are bounties.)
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- DIP (Dev Improvement Proposal) process is also released. We’re looking forward to seeing your comments on it.🌟