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Dev Protocol AMA #2

Dev Protocol AMA # 2 will be held on the following dates.
Post future development plans, technical questions, etc. about the Dev Protocol

Holding period permalink

2021/05/10 - 2021/05/14

Question method permalink

If you would like to ask a question about Dev Protocol, please use the form below.

You can also ask questions from the URL below

About the answer permalink

Answers will be given at any time
We will continue to answer even after the holding period has passed

Prohibited matter permalink

AMA prohibits questions and remarks that fall under the following, and if found, we will take measures such as deleting it without permission.

  • Remarks related to the price of DEV
  • Remarks recommending investment
  • Remarks showing superiority or inferiority in experience and level
  • Remarks that show the difference in education
  • Remarks that express socio-economic status
  • Remarks that are judged by nationality
  • Remarks such as appearance, race, religion, or gender identity and sexual orientation
    Use of sexual words and images
  • Insulting / derogatory comments
  • Personal or political attack
  • Public or private harassment
  • Disclosure of other people's personal information such as address without permission

Special Thanks permalink

We received ideas from many people in the community for holding this Dev Protocol AMA # 2.
Thank you very match !!

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- Dev Protocol releases all codes as OSS in public. Your contributions are welcome.(Sometimes there are bounties.)
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- DIP (Dev Improvement Proposal) process is also released. We’re looking forward to seeing your comments on it.🌟