Introducing the Study session of Dev Dapp Starter Grants

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Hey everyone!

We are inviting all of you to join our study session for the Dev Dapp Starter Grants program. We will be having 2 sessions that will introduce you to blockchain technology and will teach you how to create decentralized applications (Dapp). It is not necessary to join the study session, you can start working with your Dapp and submit it to the event application.

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In study session 1, we will introduce you to Dev Protocol Development of Dapps, we will explain the basic knowledge of Dev Protocol and the basic knowledge of blockchain.


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In study session 2, we will get you started with Dev Protocol Development of Dapps, we will be having a hands-on session.


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It will be easier to develop decentralized applications (Dapp) if you participate in the study session.

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  • Everyone can join, blockchain experience is not a requirement for this grant.

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Dev Protocol, Decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol from Japan, will be holding “Dev Dapp Starter Grants”, a grant program aimed at aiding the development of blockchain applications (Dapps). The program will provide financial support (paid in DEV token) to the people who are working on Dapp development using Dev Protocol technology, a blockchain technology that allows creators to monetize their creations and gain sustainable support.

The best Dapps will be awarded up to 500 DEV tokens (equivalent to about 1500 USD), which can be used to stake on the Dev Protocol, and will also receive a Certificate of Recognition. The more Dapps we have, the more the ecosystem will expand so we encourage you to submit your own Dapp ideas and work on creating something special! Grant participants will be able to receive a NFT Certificate of Participation.

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Are you excited? Make sure you register to the register link that we provided above. Please hit subscribe for event updates, we look forward to your participation.

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