Dev Protocol expanding their technology to support a variety of creators

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Dev Protocol is starting to expand its project to solve every issue that every creator is facing.

Many people think that Dev Protocol was known as the support for Open Source Project, but the real thing is, not only Open Source Project they are supporting, but every creator that develops music, research papers, games, arts, anime, and many more. The Dev Protocol team are working hard to make a project that tokenizes everything, supports everything and makes a better world for all of us.

To make it short, we are aiming for a sustainable challenge and remove obstacles that we are facing.

Current issues permalink

In an open source environment, there are many projects that struggle to raise funds and quit development within a year. Not only open source developers experiencing this but also to other aspiring music artists, animators, and to other creators that need a budget to continue their goal.

In Dev Protocol, we build a reward system for every creator to make their project sustainable and get funded by the supporter.

Benefits of Dev Protocol offer permalink

Dev Protocol was created with the use of blockchain technology as a system to realize continuous support for all creators.

Dev Protocol provides benefits to maximize the creativity of creators.

  • Monetise open assets while remaining open. *No donation or licence change required.
  • Sustainable incentive model between creators and supporters.
  • Share ownership and build a community decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).
  • Focus and keep developing your creative work.

Read our Protocol whitepaper for more important details.

Who are the supporters? permalink

Everyone can be a supporter. DEV token is a crypto asset that was issued by Dev Protocol to use by users or supporters. This can be used to stake on

Example for staking your DEV token:

The DEV token is deposited to the project that you want to support.

  • Deposited DEV receive interest at the interest rate of around 30% per year (as of June 12th, 2021),
  • and Creators receive DEV tokens at the interest rate of approximately 30% (as of June 12th, 2021).


  • The longer you continue staking, the longer developers with your support can devote themselves to their development much more than before, which results in your profit as one of their supporters and in continuous support for developers. We’d highly recommend you to stake as long as possible for their continuous development.

  • Staked DEV token is in the condition of being deposited. It doesn’t either decrease or diminish because it’s deposited. You can also withdraw it whenever you want to. While the DEV token is deposited, both supporters and developers get interest. In other words, you’ll get more benefit from depositing it rather than owning it. Once you withdraw your DEV token, the increase of interest stops. Therefore, supporters get more profit by depositing instead of withdrawing. In addition, the interest will be added for developers, which results in a donation for them. Dev Protocol realizes continuous support for developers with this system.

Let’s continue the issues that we are currently facing.

Environmental Issues permalink

As we are experiencing climate change. We are suffering from air pollution, global warming, extreme weather events, and etc.

We realized that the environment has a lot of issues and badly needs help.
We want to help the environment, not just in one place or one country but we want to help the environment around the world. If you have a project that supports the environment, I encourage you to onboard your project on

Dev Protocol’s goal permalink

Dev Protocol aims to build economic activities for every creator and create a society in which all innovators are evaluated and take on sustainable challenges and increase the number of people who innovate.

Join us permalink

We are aware that we have many issues that we are currently facing but we are working hard with everything. Our actions are based on what we see, what opinions or ideas, and the feedback that we get.

I am inviting all of you to help us to make a better world! Feel free to share your ideas and opinions on the community forum and also join us on our discord server for continuous conversation.

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- Dev Protocol releases all codes as OSS in public. Your contributions are welcome.(Sometimes there are bounties.)
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- DIP (Dev Improvement Proposal) process is also released. We’re looking forward to seeing your comments on it.🌟